BIOGRAPHY - Caleb Followill


Caleb Followill

Name: Caleb Followill

Band(s): Kings Of Leon

Guitar(s): Gibson ES-325

AMP: Matchless

Instructional DVD/CD: TBA


Music style(s): Rock

Anthony Caleb Followill, known as Caleb Followill, is the rhythm guitarist, lead singer, and songwriter of the American rock band Kings of Leon, where he plays alongside his brothers Jared and Nathan as well as his cousin Mathew.
Antony Caleb Followill was born in Tennessee in January 1982. His father Ivan Leon Followill was a Pentecostal preacher. The family traveled round the Southern States while Followill senior preached at churches and tent revival meetings. The boys participated by singing or playing drums.
The three brothers were home schooled by their mother Betty Anne, or occasionally attended local schools in the area they were visiting.
Followill’s parents divorced in 1997; the boys and their mother moved to Nashville. Followill and brother Nathan met songwriter Angelo Petraglia, who was impressed by their singing voices and their sibling harmonies. Petraglia then started writing songs with them.
Signing the brothers to RCA in 1999, the record label wanted to build a band around Caleb  and Nathan. The brothers refused, and instead recruited younger brother Jared on bass and cousin Mathew on guitar.
They called themselves “the Kings of Leon” in honor of their father, (and uncle) and used their middle names as stage names.  Antony Caleb Followill simply became known as Caleb Followill.
The band’s early sound was a blend of southern style rock and blues. Coupled with Followill’s distinctive baritone voice, and powerful songs, this made them an innovative and original band that quickly attracted attention.
The first album “Youth and Young Manhood” was released in 2003, and became a sensation in the UK and Republic of Ireland. NME declared it the best album in the last ten years.