Gus G

Name: Gus G

Band(s): Firewind Ozzy Osbourne

Guitar(s): ESP Custom

AMP: Randall Heaven and Hell, Blackstar

Instructional DVD/CD: TBA


Music style(s): Metal

Gus G is a heavy metal guitarist best known for his band Firewind, a Greek metal band and for his association with Ozzy Osbourne.


Born in Thessaloniki Greece in 1980 as Kostas Karamitroudis, he called himself Gus, as it is the anglicized equivalent of Kostas, and G after a nickname given to him in America.


Gus G left Greece in 1998 to enrol in Berklee School of music but left within a few weeks after making a name for himself on the metal music scene. Playing with death- metal band Arch Enemy as temporary replacement for Christopher Amott, he worked on their album “Doomsday Machine” playing lead guitar on “Taking Back my Soul” and also performed with the band at Ozzfest.


Gus G has guested on a number of albums including Rob Rack’s “Garden of Chaos” and on Japanese metal band Sighs album “Gallows Gallery and was voted third of the top three guitar players in the world by Japanese magazine BURNN! in 2003.


Gus G has released six albums with Greek rockers Firewind. The first album released in 2002 called “Between Heaven and Hell” and the most recent “Days of Defiance”, However Gus G has become more widely known recently after working with Ozzy Osbourne on his latest album Scream released in released 25th October 2010.


Gus G has appeared in total guitar magazine issue 203 alongside Ozzy to talk about the new album and the legendary guitarists that he has followed down this path such as Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde.


Gus G plays a custom made ESP guitar and recent production of a two ESP Firewind signature guitars have been well received in Japan.