BIOGRAPHY - Michael Keene


Michael Keene

Name: Michael Keene

Band(s): The Faceless

Guitar(s): Washburn 526

AMP: Line 6, Randall V2, Vetta

Instructional DVD/CD: TBA


Music style(s): Metal

Michael "Machine" Keene is the founder, lead guitarist, vocalist and producer for American technical death metal band The Faceless.

Michael Murray Keene was born in Los Angeles, C.A in 1986. Growing up, both his parents were very musical, his Mom being a vocalist, and his Dad being a jazz guitarist and engineer. Following in his dad’s footsteps he started playing the guitar around age five. He and his dad would play together all the time. His dad was a huge influence to him. In high school Keene began learning theory harmony.

In 2004 he formed the band The Faceless and in 2006 they released their debut album "Akeldama", followed by "Planetary Duality" in 2008. Keene mixed and mastered both albums. He has also produced albums for Veil of Maya, Burning the Masses and Born of Osiris, all recorded at his personal studio, Keene Machine Recording Studio.

Keene is brilliant when it comes to using theory, whether it's playing structured or deliberately defying the structured knowledge of theory, he is without a doubt a mastermind at technique, harmony and precision.

His influences include Allen Holdsworth, Ron Jarzombek, Cynic, Guthrie Govan, Fredrik Thordendal, Decrepit Birth, Martyr, Scarve, Spawn of Possesion and Extol.