BIOGRAPHY - Misha Mansoor


Misha Mansoor

Name: Misha Mansoor

Band(s): Bulb Periphery

Guitar(s): Blackmachine B2, Ibanez

AMP: Engl, Orange

Instructional DVD/CD: TBA


Music style(s): Metal

Misha Mansoor is the founding member of the band Periphery. He started with a Soundclick account, and grew a reputation from there with samples he would record. Misha also posted on several forums around the net talking about their music and his music.


Mansoor developed a reputation for doing his own audio production. The majority of which was performed with a home computer and a Pod X during this period. Mansoor has continued to update his personal project, Bulb, whom often transfers songs between Periphery and Bulb. Mansoor continues to be involved in a number of other musical projects. They include: Haunted Shores with Mark Holcomb, Being, Of Man Not of Machine with Elliot Coleman, and Holcomb.


More info to be added soon…