BIOGRAPHY - Nick Bertelsen


Nick Bertelsen

Name: Nick Bertelsen

Band(s): Baptized In Blood

Guitar(s): ESP

AMP: Mesa/Boogie

Instructional DVD/CD: TBA


Music style(s): Metal

Nick Bertelsen is best known for being the guiarist of melodic thrash/death metal band Baptized in Blood, from London, Ontario, Canada.

In 2004 Baptized in Blood formed. They went from playing in small bars to huge arenas with some of the biggest names in metal today, Slayer, DevilDriver, Megadeth, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, and Shadows Fall amongst many others.

In 2009 they released their debut album "Gutterbound" on their own. They were signed with RoadRunner Records and released their 2010 self title album, Which was produced and engineered by Zeuess, who has also worked with Chimaira, Shadows Fall, and Hatebreed. They are focusing on touring, with plans to write another album soon.

Bertelsen's sound has many different influences, such as metal, classic and punk rock. They are a great example of talented musicians who are working and striving to get where they want to be, and that's on the big stages, playing their music for fans and touring with amazing bands. Dave Mustane of Megadeth was so impressed that he became their co-manager alongside Mark Adelman.

Baptized in Blood was rating the number one most popular metal band on itunes in 2010.