Simon McBride Gets ‘Amped’ By All Axess

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This week, the All Axess ‘Amped’ artist of the week is Irish blues/rock guitar extraordinaire, Simon McBride. Make sure you check this guy out. You wont be disappointed.


At the age when most young guitarists are only dreaming of performing in front of large crowds, and receiving recognition from professionals in the industry, McBride was blowing away audiences and taking home awards. At the tender age of 15, McBride entered himself in Guitarist Magazine’s ‘Young Guitarist Of The Year’ competition, and after wowing the judges of the competition, which was staged at Wembley Conference Centre, he deservedly took home the first prize.
Winning the Young Guitarist award helped McBride to gain an endorsement by Paul Reed Smith, the maker of some of the world’s finest guitars. And it wasn’t long after that when McBride landed his first major gig, replacing former Dio and Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell, in the renowned Irish metal band Sweet Savage. He was only sixteen. In his time with the band, Mcbride toured with, and recorded two albums, ‘96s ‘Killing Time’ and ‘98s ‘Rune.’ After parting ways with Sweet Savage in ‘98, McBride hit the road for six years, alongside vocalist Andrew Strong, who made his name in the 1991 cult film ‘The Commitments.’
Since his teenage years, McBride has come leaps and bounds with his guitar playing. No longer just a talented up and comer, he is shaping up to be one of the world’s elite guitarists. In recent times, he has landed support gigs with legendary guitarists Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and Derek Trucks. He has also played alongside Santana, Buddy Guy, TM Stevens, Charlie Morgan, Zorro, Hugh Burns, Slash and Steve Lukather.
McBride has released two solo albums, ‘Rich Man Falling,’ which hit stores in 2008, and his latest offering ‘Since Then.’ Both albums were extremely well received. Classic Rock magazine enjoyed ‘Since Then’ so much that they wrote, “At last Irishmen in pubs will stop going on about Rory Gallagher!”
The future is looking bright for McBride. In 2012, he will be releasing two new albums the first, a compilation of live recordings; and the second, an all-new set of songs. He is definitely a guitarist to watch out for .
You can hear McBride’s extraordinary skills below.
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13 Responses to Simon McBride Gets ‘Amped’ By All Axess

  1. Gordie McBride says:

    I have been to more than a few of Mr McBrides gigs and can tell you he Is one of the best guitarist on the planet at the min……Irelands next Gary Moore !!!!!!

  2. John Gosher says:

    A very, very talented guy. Superb melodic player and a great singer. Love his two albums, which I am always playing.

  3. almo says:

    This guy is already one of the great guitarist around. I’ve been to a few of his gigs and have like others been blown away.If you haven’t see him yet, you need to. We need to see more of him.

  4. Gerlinde says:

    He is absolutely amazing… hardly ever seen a better gig.

  5. ray j says:

    Got tickets booked for his Bury gig on 30th, really looking forward to it. Definitely someone who is
    going to be up there with the best, Kenny wayne shepherd, Joe Bonamassa, Warren Haynes.

  6. neil hodgson says:

    can only agree with what has already been said in other comments as the others have said once a gig has finished its straight onto his site to see where and when we catchh im next doing bury and kendal was awesome at this years maryport blues fest blew everyone else off the bill

  7. David Day says:

    If anyone deserves blues-rock stardom it’s Simon McBride. His songs and arrangements are so much better than the throng of ‘names’ already out there – and he is a triple A guitar player (since that is what most of the people on this web site are looking for!).

  8. Peter Kemzura says:

    For the Blues Rock fans out there that have not discovered Simon yet I urge you to listen to ‘The Truth’…a beautiful haunting melodic Gaelic master piece that will make you shiver…a musical statement of everything that this man is about! The next Gary Moore!?…a great influence to Simon as many other guitarists and without doubt Simon has what it takes to carry on where Gary prematurely left off and continue putting the Irish stamp on the blues rock World …get out and see his power trio ‘Live’ …you will not regret the experience!

  9. Sandy Miller says:

    Simon McBride’s blues rock has spread across the Pond to the U.S. thanks to his strong UK fan base. Simon makes beautiful original music which reflects both his heritage and the blues rock giants who came before him. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him LIVE yet but sincerely hope to remedy that next year when I visit the UK!

  10. Adie Jones says:

    Growing up in Ireland, Simon’s early influences would’ve (obviously) been Gary Moore & Rory Gallagher. Since then he’s absorbed the best from all genres of guitar music, blended and moulded them into his own, distinctive style. Whether cleanly picking a ballad, or blasting a balls-to-the-wall rocker, Simon will grab your attention and keep it there! Simon has become an excellent wordsmith and an articulate, talented player. Buy his CD’s. Definitely go see him live, you won’t be disappointed!! Oh, by the way, he also happens to be a pleasant, likeable chap full of the Irish charm & a pleasure to meet & talk with!

  11. Ian Connelly says:

    Any lover of blues rock looking to seek out young forward looking artists to carry the genre to future generations should make sure Simon is on their radar. Two superb albums already under his belt ( go get ‘em if you haven’t already) and not one, but two new ones on the way. Great voice, stunning playing and tones, and the quality of his songwriting is right up there too.

  12. Warren Booth says:

    Stunning guitarist. Truly one of the U.K’s finest. Having known Simon for years and being able to watch him develop as a singer, song writer, and player, I see nothing but great things in his future.

  13. Philip Woodford says:

    Having seen Simon a few times and interviewed him for Blues Matters magazine, I can honestly say I believe he’s destined to be one of the greats of the Blues Rock genre. His playing is fluid and fast when the number demands it and slow with latent power in abundance in the Blues songs. Simon is also an excellent songwriter and has a very distinctive and superb strong voice. I guarantee your jaw will drop the first time you see him play and you’ll be longing for his next visit to your town. If you wish you’d seen Joe Bonamassa when he was playing the smaller venues grab your chance to see another Blues Rock superstar in the making before he too moves to the arenas.

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