Threat Level Gets ‘Amped By All Axess’

Threat Level

This week’s ‘Amped artist’ is Indianapolis metal outfit Threat Level. The lyric video for the track ‘Heathens’ from the band’s brand new EP of the same name can be found below.

The band recently sent All Axess a few key details on their sound, history and future. The description read as follows:
“‘Our motto is and always has been to staying true to music and to ourselves. It’s a harsh reality out there for anyone trying to achieve anything, but with a mix of perseverance and dedication anything is possible. Everyone has a different direction they want to take their life, and if ours is to giving a balls to the wall performance while staying true to the music we created and staying true to ourselves and our fans then so be it. With a mix of perseverance and dedication anything is possible.’ Says Threat Level front man, Frank Rapacki.
“There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it, Threat Level is a heavy metal band from the Midwest depth’s of Indianapolis, In. It’s not exactly a breeding ground for attention. They’ve been doing this for 7 years. But Threat Level is making their name known across the country and across the ocean’s with their raw independent approach at American heavy metal. If you were to sum them up and classify them with other bands, you’d say they have the historic presence of Pantera mixed with the intensity of Lamb of God and Machine Head. Their members include Frank Rapacki (vocals), Troy Welch (guitar), Chad Smith (drums) and Jason Weaver ( bass). The vocals hit you like a ton of bricks with such diverse low to mid range’s and rip roaring high wails that can be associated with some of metal’s greats, such as Randy Blythe, Chuck Billy and Dez Fafara. The guitar single handedly handles the rhythm and leads with head crunching riffs, powerful hooks, mind blowing breakdowns with scorching solo’s. The bass takes you on a finger plucking frenzy through the lowlands and the dark hills of the roots of heavy metal. The drums keep your attention full throttle with vicious upbeat’s that rattle your brain, intense double bass action, blasting tribal beats and neck wrecking break downs. It’s easy to classify and label a band to a specific genre. But you can’t help but say brutal when you talk about Threat Level.
“Threat Level is set to take on the music scene and they are primed and ready for it. With 3 release’s (most recent: HEATHENS) they have songs that will take you on a adrenaline fueled journey that you can’t deny. The presence of their live shows have brought them to playing regularly with national touring bands. Unsigned and self funded they have achieved a great deal of success and fans. Heavy metal beckons for these attributes. Most recently they have become veterans of Mayhem Fest 2012’s stop at the Klipsch Music Center in Indianapolis and they’re also appearing on an Iron Maiden tribute album that will be available in stores nationwide with their cover of Die With Your Boots On. The music video for “Win or Die” will be available on their Youtube page (Threat Level TV) in November of 2012. With their new EP “HEATHENS” they have evolved into an ever present force to be reckoned with. Threat Level is working their way to playing in a city near you.”
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4 Responses to Threat Level Gets ‘Amped By All Axess’

  1. Dick says:

    Love Threat level, one of my favorite bands now days. They’re like Pantera and Lamb of God had a sick twisted child with 100% more attitude. Frank is the man, he’s got so much presence and intensity. Definitely one of my hero’s and main influences on my own vocals. The last show I played with my band was with Threat Level and it was a show i will never forget, as it was also my first time hearing them.

  2. Jaso Loco says:



  3. Nak Nakanishi says:

    Just saw THREAT LEVEL at their CD Release Party for HEATHENS. What an Awesome & Epic show !!! … Wicked Cool Music that just reverberates thru your whole body !!! They know how to put on a show, even though the venue & stage was small. They spoon-fed all the Levelheads what they wanted …. Heavy Metal Thunder !!! … No doubt about it, if you haven’t seen them, you need to !!! They will never disappoint you if you want to be LEVEL’d by their Heavy Metal Music. Jason Weaver’s Bass just Growls and Beats your body up in a Masochistic way !!! Frank Rapacki’s Vocals are extrordinarily Viscious and Transcends the meaning of Heavy Metal Chaos !!! Troy Welch’s Guitar work Slashes your Soul with his Wicked Shredding on his Axe !!! Last, but definitely not least, Chad Smith’s Double Bass Drum Kit Sadistically Pummels you into Submission with his Atrocious Power !!! THREAT LEVEL RULEZ !!!!!! \m/..\m/ ……. Nak

  4. clint massey says:

    Threat Level gives all groove metal fiends something to grow on. The caliber of metal that this band throws down is what metal gods are made of. Its refreshing to hear something good again. Threat Level is a bone jarring good time.

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