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Internet guitarist sensation Rob Scallon has been entertaining us for quite a while with some awesome renditions of Slayer and Cannibal Corpse tracks on a ukelele. Rob's ability to re-invent classic metal songs is entertaining and takes incredible skills. His YouTube page is filled with lots of other impressive clips showcasing ... READ MORE
Over the past few years, Faith No More have performed various concerts around the world which have served to show how very popular the band still is. More recently, they have played several new songs live and rumors have circulated about the possibility of them putting out a new album. ... READ MORE
The release of stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and other famous women this week shows everyone how much privacy we DO NOT have anymore. Okay, okay we are a music site and probably asking yourself, "why do I need to hear about Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton's ... READ MORE
Neil Turbin, the onetime vocalist for Anthrax and current Deathriders frontman, has claimed he turned down an opportunity to sing for Metallica back in 1984, while he was working on Anthrax's  debut album, 'Fistful Of Metal.' In a new video interview with The Metal Voice, Turbin, who fronted Anthrax from 1982-1984, said ... READ MORE

The Top Ten Guitar Riffs of All Time

Posted 29th Aug, 2014
Whole Lotta Love, NYC, Sep. 19, 1970
In a recent list drawn up by a panel of DJs from Britain's BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music, music critics, and record producers, the iconic opening bars of Led Zeppelin's timeless "Whole Lotta Love" have been voted as the "Best Guitar Riff of All Time." The track, which of course ... READ MORE

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Buddy Guy | Ranked 30th in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Buddy Guy is a legend in the field. His style is often labeled as "Chicago blues" but in reality, he has a style like no other. The six-time Grammy award winner is still going strong at 78 years young, ... READ MORE