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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong, with all manner of celebrities taking a drenching in order to raise awareness of ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge sees one person get drenched with a bucket full of ice water, on video and ... READ MORE
The annual Housecore festival put on by none other than Phillip H. Anselmo is one of the key underground horror movie/metal festivals in the United States. Anselmo's affinity for horror movies has always been something that fans of his know very well. His influence in heavy music is uncontested as ... READ MORE
I have been lucky enough as an artist to have tremendous support from many amazing music companies and endorsers who have supplied me with some of the best gear that anyone could possibly have, ever! So firstly, thanks to everyone from ESP Guitars, Blackstar Amplification, Dunlop Manufacturing, Maxon, Sennheiser and ... READ MORE

King 810 Get AMPED by All Axess

Posted 18th Aug, 2014
Coming straight out of Flint, Michigan, a place commonly referred to as "Murdertown USA" thanks to an infamous New York Times article from 2011, is King 810, a band that launches a new album this week entitled Memoirs of a Murderer. King 810 will be featuring throughout the week as our ... READ MORE
The life of Dave Brockie, the late lead singer and creative genius of the shock rock outfit GWAR, was celebrated on Friday (15 August) at Hadad's Lake in the bands hometown, Richmond, Virginia. Family, friends and fans gathered at the lake to pay their respects, including former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello ... READ MORE

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Mike Spreitzer | What's the best way of recording audio from your guitars in a home studio or small studio situation? You can't realistically mic up your speaker cabinets (without it sounding dire) so exactly how do you go about getting the job done? Our resident rigs and gear expert Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver ... READ MORE