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Metal Hammer magazine recently conducted an interview with Tool's guitarist Adam Jones on the current status of the band's new album. During the course of the interview, Jones spoke more in-depth about the lawsuit with a former artist (who was coincidentally Jones's best friend) after the artist claimed ownership to previous ... READ MORE
Kirk Hammett cut his teeth with Exodus in the early 1980's before becoming part of Metallica in 1983 and shooting to the stratosphere. Metallica has continued to wave the flag of metal all over the world and in recent years has come back to it's roots. Those roots have always ... READ MORE
Dave Grohl
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With the expensive cost of touring, scheduling and arranging a tour is becoming more prohibitive for upcoming and even seasoned bands. Many of them are sticking to larger markets and avoiding the smaller, intimate venues to cover the costs associated with their whole tour. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, ... READ MORE
Featured below is the track 'Eye Of The Storm' by the current All Axess AMPED band of the week, The Haunted. 'Eye Of The Storm' was the title track of a three track 7" released by The Haunted in January this year. The release, which can be purchased at CM Distro as a ... READ MORE
Featured below is the official film clip to 'The Flood,' by the All Axess featured AMPED artist of the week, The Haunted. The track is taken from the band's fifth studio album, 'The Dead Eye,' which was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The Haunted is currently preparing for the release ... READ MORE

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Aerosmith | Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has written some of the greatest and most recognizable riffs and leads of all-time. That’s an indisputable fact. Right now, he’s playing them nightly on the “Let Rock Rule” tour. Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators are supporting them, and it’s turning out to be ... READ MORE