Michael Spreitzer DevilDriver – “End Of The Line

Mike & Jeff do another exclusive for www.allaxess.com this is the song "End Of The Line" from "The Fury Of Our Makers Hand".

4 Responses to DevilDriver – “End Of The Line

  1. Berith says:

    Haha, Opeth cord.

  2. Weston says:

    It would be really helpful, for me at least, if there were tabs to look at also.

  3. Mandi says:

    Awesome song! Nice to hear it from the people that actually play it instead of some random guy on YouTube!

  4. AndreaKlok says:

    LOVE THIS BAND!!! LOVE THIS SONG!!! LOVE THIS ALBUM!!! @Weston: dude, right?? where the FUCK are the tabs? gaaaaaa so challenging to watch and listen to the video with no tabs… especially considering all the dumbasses i’ve played with count strings from the top, not the bottom like it should be. so he says 3rd string and I’m thinking 3rd from the top… and its 3rd from the bottom. thats alright, I can do this! lol

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